You Can Finally Listen to That Glorious Lady Gaga Song From 'A Star Is Born'

Photo credit: Neal Preston
Photo credit: Neal Preston

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Wow, it's crazy how the best song of 2018 is arriving at the end of September. "Shallow," the duet between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga from their forthcoming film, A Star Is Born, contains stacks of surprise and wonder (Bradley Cooper is so good!), gallons of high-octane emotion ("I'm off the deep end / Watch as I dive in"), and all the Lady Gaga goodness you could possibly ever want ("HAAAAAAAA AH AH AH AAAHHHHHHHH"-at 2:30, if you're interested).

The hype for this Hollywood perennial is growing by the day, given reports that Lady Gaga (as aspiring star Ally) and Bradley Cooper (as musician Jackson Maine) turn in unforgettable performances. The full version of "Shallow," teased in trailers for the movie, is a central part of the film and will only put that buzz into overdrive. Hear the full song above. You can also pre-order the soundtrack, which will be released on October 5 with the film, here.

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