Potty emergency: Firefighters free toddler after he gets toilet seat stuck on his head

A team of firefighters freed a stuck toddler from a toilet seat. (Caters)

A toddler who got his head stuck in a toilet seat was freed by a team of firefighters.

Two-year-old Flynn Edwards managed to get caught inside his plastic toilet training seat while his mother was in the shower.

Single mother Sarah Edwards, 29, an estate agent from Saltash, Cornwall, heard her son call out “Mummy stuck” over and over again last Thursday.

She could see the toilet seat around Flynn’s neck and rushed out of the shower. She called her mother who advised her to telephone 101, who in turn told her to contact her local fire brigade.

Two-year-old Flynn Edwards with the toilet seat that led the fire brigade to his door. (Caters)

It wasn’t long before an entire team of firefighters turned up to free Flynn from his embarrassing new neckwear.

“I was having a shower and I just kept hearing him say ‘Mummy stuck' so I turned around and couldn’t believe what I could see,” said Ms Edwards.

“We both tried to get it off and couldn’t. I was trying to pull it off, but nothing was working.

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“After calling 101, they advised I get in touch with the local fire service because they would have the tools to free him.

“I expected a little fire van to show up with maybe one or two people inside it but instead a giant fire engine showed up to our little cul-de-sac and a team of fireman jumped out, I nearly died.

“They were all in stitches when they saw Flynn, who at the time was quite happy playing with his trains whilst a toilet seat was stuck on his head.

“They snapped the seat and released him and everything was ok, we were all laughing our heads off."

Sarah Edwards was in the shower when her son Flynn got his head stuck in the toilet seat. (Caters)

The firefighters used a screwdriver to loosen the bolts in the seat before snapping it with their hands.

Flynn was given the reward of a tour of their fire engine – he was even allowed to sit in the driver's seat.

Ms Edwards said: “The firemen were amazing, Flynn is usually really shy but with them he was full of chatter.

“They let him hop inside the fire engine and everyone got some pictures, so it all ended up okay in the end.

“In the future I’ll be sure to keep an eye on him when he’s using his potty.”