First lady Melania Trump to be protected by Japan's first-ever, all-female police squad

Aris Folley,

Melania Trump will be protected by an all-female unit of officers during her and President Trump's upcoming visit to Japan.

Japan is experimenting with the all-female teams to combat various security challenges ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics, which will be hosted in Tokyo, reported Newsweek. The move is also in response to the country's sexual assault problems.

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“The job is to look out for any dangers and suspicious individuals at the destination of female dignitaries,” police Sgt. Kawamura Reiko told Japanese media Wednesday.

"Our aim is to be gentle and astute, utilizing the viewpoint and sensibility unique to women to ensure there won’t be any dangerous things or suspicious people at the location,” she said.

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According to the Japan Times, over 10,000 Japanese police officers will be on duty when the first couple visits later this month as part of President Trump's first major trip to Asia since taking office.

From November  3 to 14, the president will reportedly visit five countries -- Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.