First look at Dan Levy's Netflix movie with Luke Evans

dan levy, luke evans, good grief
First look at Dan Levy and Luke Evans movieNetflix

Netflix movie Good Grief has unveiled a selection of first-look photos ahead of its release next month — and a new trailer!

Written and directed by Schitt's Creek sensation Dan Levy, the actor also plays the lead role of Marc Dreyfus here, a children's book illustrator struggling with both his marriage and the death of his mother.

To compound the issue, his husband Oliver (played by Echo 3's Luke Evans) then unexpectedly dies at a Christmas party, forcing Marc to confront his grief and journey to Paris with his closest friends.

dan levy, luke evans, good grief

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"In the early days when that idea was coming to fruition, it was originally conceived potentially as a romantic comedy, and then whatever press got out set what is now a very strange description of the movie. I see the movie as a drama or a dramedy," Levy told Entertainment Weekly of any misconceptions surrounding Good Grief.

"I lost my grandmother toward the tail end of the pandemic, and I was in a very strange headspace in terms of feeling the weight and the profound sense of tragedy of what the COVID pandemic had done for all of us, while at the same time trying to honour the passing of someone who meant so much to me.

"It was hard for me to feel the specificity of loss when all I was feeling was grief for so long. It was that conversation that really expedited the concept of the movie."

dan levy, good grief
dan levy, ruth negga, himesh patel, jamael westman, good grief

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Asked whether the process of making this movie (which happens to be Levy's feature directorial debut) has altered his perspective on loss, the multi-hyphenate explained: "When I went into it, I was still processing a lot.

"Not that we ever fully process grief, but that question of, am I grieving properly? Have I done enough? I do feel like, in making this movie, I have honoured the grief that I felt at the time.

"Sometimes if you have the ability to write, it's the greatest outlet for pain and catharsis."

Good Grief premieres Friday, January 5 on Netflix.

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