First trailer for Money Heist star's new Prime Video sci-fi thriller

Prime Video has released the first trailer for Money Heist star Pedro Alonso's new Spanish sci-fi thriller Awareness.

Written, directed and produced by Daniel Benmayor, the new movie stars Alonso, who is best known for his role as thief Andrés de Fonollosa aka Berlin in Netflix's Money Heist, in a supporting role.

Set for release on October 11, Awareness tells the story of a teenage boy named Ian who has the ability to create visions in people's minds to manipulate their reality. After using his powers to scam people, Ian is exposed leading to some dangerous encounters.

carlos scholz in awareness, a young man looks sternly at the camera with possessed eyes and scratches on his face
Prime Video

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"Ian is a rebellious teenager who lives with his father on the edges of society. They survive by carrying out small scams thanks to Ian's extraordinary ability to be able to project visual illusions into the minds of others," reads the synopsis.

"After accidentally revealing his powers in public, a mysterious secret agency starts to go after him. As he tries to evade capture, Ian discovers he's not the only person with these powers and that his whole life has been a lie."

Carlos Scholz takes on the lead role of Ian having previously starred in the Netflix thriller series, Toy Boy. Joining Scholz and Alonso in the cast is The Hangover Part III actress Lela Loren, Spanish actress María Pedraza who starred alongside Scholz in Toy Boy, and Óscar Jaenada.

carlos scholz in awareness
Prime Video

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Alonso is set to return as Money Heist's fan-favourite criminal Berlin for his very own spinoff series titled Berlin, which is set to hit Netflix on December 29.

"Berlin says there are only two things that can turn a bad day into a great one: love and a million-dollar payday," reads the show's logline. "This is what keeps him razor focused on his lofty goals. So he's preparing one of his most extreme heists yet - disappearing $44 million worth of jewels."

Awareness premieres on Prime Video on October 11.

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