Fitness blogger's 'after' photo is apparently considered 'obese'

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<i>Photo via Instagram/Lucy Mountain</i>
Photo via Instagram/Lucy Mountain

British Fitness Blogger Lucy Mountain has never shied away from putting the realities of healthy living on blast. With regular reminders that everyone is different, she is a voice of reason to her followers that comparing themselves to the latest photoshopped fitness trend is a recipe for disaster.

Recently, she shared a side-by-side photo of herself, with one labelled “normal” and the other labelled “obese.” Despite appearing fit in both photos, she says according to the waist-to-hip ratio, in the second one — the heaviest she’s been in 10 months — she’s considered “obese.”

“Today I started my new 12 week training program and I was curious to see where my muscle mass was at. Since July, the stats included an increase in body fat, maintenance with my muscle, and a waist-to-hip ratio defined as ‘obese’ which was previously considered ‘normal’,” she wrote. “This label – combined with the fact I’ve gained 4 kg – could have been a pretty wonderful recipe to feel v. shit about myself. But in truth, I have the self-awareness to know I am in fact neither of those labels, I’m still an alright person and I’m actually doing OK.”

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“I don’t often weigh myself. Not because I find it ‘depressing’ (I detached my self-worth from my relationship with gravity a long time ago), it’s just not a marker which I use to determine success. I consider myself neutral to the number,” wrote Mountain.

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While the obese revelation was shocking to her, she says she was happy to find further proof that numbers don’t define one’s health. She also reminded those reading that gaining a bit of weight isn’t the end of the world.

With hundreds of comments, Mountain has obviously hit a chord with her followers.

“Your honesty and truth is one of the most refreshing things to see on social media. I adore you,” wrote one follower.

“Today’s society standards of bodies is absolutely horrendous… how is your ratio defined as obese? Honestly, detaching yourself from the numbers is the best thing ever — I admire you for that, because it is really hard. You go girl, show ‘em your beautiful bod,” added another.

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There’s a reason 200,000 people follow Mountain, in a world of altered realities, her images are a breath of fresh air. Wrapping her post up in a positive fashion, Mountain shared a final nugget of wisdom with her followers.

“Bodies are fluid, and change all the time. Detach yourself from labels, detach yourself from numbers and don’t let b.s. define you.”

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