Five-time Grammy-nominated country music singer is revealed on 'Masked Singer'

This Wednesday on The Masked Singer, the Astronaut’s star dimmed and he came crashing down to Earth in sixth place. Ironically, it was the week when he’d given his most out-of-this-world performance yet, of One Direction’s “Story of My Life,” which had caused judge Nicole Scherzinger to break out in “goosebumps.” Maybe the space cadet, who’d struggled vocally all season, had done such an astronomical job with the boy-band classic because it was in his orbit: As widely predicted (by me, as well as by the rest of the internet), the Astro-boy was indeed former teen country singer Hunter Hayes.

“It’s been an unbelievable experience,” Hunter told the audience, once host Nick Cannon helped him unscrew his helmet. “This has been a great time in my life to hit a ‘reset’ button, to try a bunch of things that I was scared of — and this show is full of those!”

The judges then sent Hunter on his way with gushing well-wishes regarding his new career trajectory. I really don’t think Hunter’s next phase in show business is going to entail him dressing like an MTV Moonman/fish-aquarium accessory and covering Stevie Wonder and Rick Astley tunes, but good luck to him. 

So now there are only five mystery celebrities left, and while the judges have predicted that it will all come down to the Frog versus the Turtle, Nick did describe Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole as the “least-trusted panel on TV.” So who knows what could happen?