This Canadian retailer wants to revolutionize how you buy plants

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man holding plant in white pot in front of his face surrounded by green plants in pots
Shopping for plants? Check out Fleur & Co., Canada's first plastic-negative plant retailer (Photo via fleurcollaborative/Instagram) (fleurcollaborative/Instagram)

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Good news, plant lovers: Buying plants online just got greener.

Fleur & Co., Canada's first plastic-negative plant retailer, is revolutionizing the way we acquire houseplants.

Looking to take your green thumb into overdrive? To check out if Fleur & Co. is right for you, scroll below.

Tillandsia Xerographica

light green air plant Tillandsia Xerographica in white vase
Tillandsia Xerographica (Photo via Fleur & Co) (Fleur & Co)

$40 at Fleur & Co

Canada's first plastic-negative plant retailer

What is plastic-negative, exactly? For every ounce of plastic you receive from the company, whether in packaging materials or other, Fleur & Co. will remove twice that amount from oceans and landfills from around the world.

To reduce their plastic output, Fleur & Co. guarantees each item sold is wrapped in sustainably sourced paper and packaged in the correct box size, so no excess cardboard or packaging material goes to waste.

This year alone, Fleur & Co. has dedicated itself to removing 6,322 pounds of low-value plastic waste from the environment (i.e. single use plastics, like straws and plastic bags) with help from rePurpose Global, the world’s leading Plastic Action Platform.

What items are available?

With more than 100 varieties to choose from, Fleur & Co. has tons of options for every plant lover, including pet-friendly plants, low light plants, tropical and air plants.

The eco-friendly retailer also sells pots and accessories, terrarium kits, fertilizers, soil and propagation stations, among other greenhouse must-haves.

Alocasia Dwarf Amazonica

Alocasia Dwarf Amazonica in grey plant pot
Alocasia Dwarf Amazonica (Photo via Fleur & Co) (Fleur & Co)

$37 at Fleur & Co

What people are saying

The company boasts an average rating of 4.9-star rating, based on more than 1,000 customer reviews.

From coast-to-coast, plant-lovers "can't say enough great things" about Fleur & Co. and applaud its "fast delivery and cute packaging."

"It arrived so quickly and it was wrapped so carefully, so nothing was damaged at all," writes one shopper.

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The plants look "beautiful, healthy and [were] very well protected," explains another reviewer,.

Each item is carefully packaged in hand-labelled brown paper and comes with instructions on how to keep your plant healthy.

Across the reviews, shoppers almost unanimously agree their plants arrived in perfect health and appreciate the personal touch Fleur & Co. includes in each order. "I wasn’t sure how plants could be shipped but was happily surprised."

Calathea Medallion

Calathea Medallion in orange and white pot
Calathea Medallion (Photo via Fleur & Co) (Fleur & Co)

$19 at Fleur & Co

The verdict

For burgeoning plant parents and those lacking the convenience of a vehicle, Fleur & Co. makes shopping for plants fast, easy and affordable.

In addition to being a certified eco-friendly retailer, Fleur & Co. offers shoppers lifetime customer support for any plant-related problems down the road.

To check out some of our top Fleur & Co. picks, get your plant-fix below.

Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus in terracotte pot against pink backdrop
Fishbone Cactus (Photo via Fleur & Co) (Fleur & Co)

$15 at Fleur & Co

Monkey Mask Monstera

Monkey Mask Monstera in green hanging plant basket
Monkey Mask Monstera (Photo via Fleur & Co) (Fleur & Co)

$60 at Fleur & Co

Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant in striped green and blue pot against blue background
Prayer Plant (Photo via Fleur & Co) (Fleur & Co)

$16 at Fleur & Co

Surprise Air Plant

red, green, and purple air plants on wooded stands
Surprise Air Plant (Photo via Fleur & Co) (Fleur & Co)

$22 at Fleur & Co

Pencil Cacti (Firesticks)

Pencil Cacti with green and red in white pot against blue backdrop
Pencil Cacti (Firesticks) (Photo via Fleur & Co) (Fleur & Co)

$20 at Fleur & Co

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