Flight 666 to HEL takes off on Friday the 13th -- are you boarding?

Aris Folley, AOL.com

Plane passengers dubbed "the bravest in the world" are boarding a Finnair flight numbered 666 to HEL on Friday 13th. 

Destination HEL, not to be confused with the eternal Lake of Fire, is airport code for Helsinki, Finland.

But the flight, which has left passengers unnerved about the devil's number for over a decade, will be departing for the last time on Friday.

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Simon Barrette, a spokesperson for Finnair, told McClathy that the company will be switching around flight numbers later this month, retiring Flight 666 from Copenhagen, Demark, to Helsinki for good.

“The AY666 flight has flown to HEL 21 times on Friday the 13th in the last 11 years,” Barrette said.

The last trip it flew was in January when AY666 made a totally safe arrival in Helsinki despite troubling superstitions about the 13-year-old aircraft.

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That still didn't keep one passenger's booked on this Friday's HEL-bound trip from refunding his ticket after being assigned a seat in the 13th row.