Flight attendant asked to make announcement for man’s ‘upset’ girlfriend on flight

Flight attendants have likely received some unusual requests from airplane passengers during a trip.

A flight attendant named Vera (@balancedflyer) recently took to TikTok to reveal one of the strange requests she received mid-flight. Not all of her co-workers believed the man’s request should’ve been accommodated, so she posed the question and scenario to her viewers instead.

In the video, Vera revealed that a passenger made his way to the back of the plane and appeared nervous to approach her. He pretended to wait for the bathroom, before eventually coming up to her and acknowledging that he was about to ask her a “weird question”.

The man explained that his girlfriend was sitting in the front of the plane and she was “super mad” at him. He wanted the flight attendant to make an announcement over the loudspeaker to the entire plane, in order to let his girlfriend know that he was sorry for upsetting her.

“I was excited,” Vera said in her video. “I thought it was cute. I was like: ‘What did you do, though?’”

Vera explained how the man only told her that he did “something silly” to upset his girlfriend, but she sensed there was “something more to the story”.

“If we landed and all of a sudden my boyfriend got the flight attendant to make an announcement like that, I would be shocked,” Vera said in the TikTok video. Nevertheless, she still thought the idea of a grand gesture was cute and decided to help him.

However, she soon realised that not everyone agreed with her point of view. While one of her co-workers also thought the concept was cute, another flight attendant said that she wouldn’t want her partner making a “spectacle” out her emotions.

Vera ended her video by asking fellow flight attendants to chime in with their thoughts. “Other flight attendants, would you do that? Would you make that announcement?” she asked, pointing out that airline rules could be a potential factor in the decision.

“As a girl, would you be impressed by that? Or would that make you more mad?” she added.

Since it was first posted earlier this week, Vera’s TikTok has received more than 17,000 views and dozens of comments from fellow women and flight attendants. A majority of commenters agreed that not only would they make the mid-flight announcement, but they would also appreciate it if their significant other orchestrated such a gesture.

“I’d totally make the PA as long as the crew didn’t mind. If I were the girl I think it would break the ice and I think I’d laugh,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “Even super mad at him, something like that would soften me up and make me smile while blushing and rolling my eyes!”

Meanwhile, some commenters believed the mid-flight announcement is not a valid replacement for a more formal apology. “As an FA absolutely not. Look her in the eye, apologise YOURSELF. As a woman I would be SO EMBARRASSED he put our business out there on the PA,” one commenter pointed out.

Another woman agreed that she would be embarrassed too, writing: “I would hate that! I would be so embarrassed and feels like a cop out.”

In the comments section, Vera revealed that she did in fact make the announcement. “It was great,” she wrote. “I consulted with my crew first and they liked it. Customers laughed and the couple thought it was funny.”

The Independent has reached out to Vera for comment.