Florida Man Arrested for Attempting to 'Surf' His Truck

ram surfing
Man Arrested for Attempting to 'Surf' His TruckVolusia Sheriff's Office / Facebook

A man was arrested in Florida last Tuesday when he was spotted allegedly using his Ram pickup truck as a surfboard on a closed beach. The man accessed the area without paying the proper tolls and drove around a closed gate with a “Do not enter” sign, police said.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jason Brzuszkiewicz on New Smyrna Beach when they spotted his pickup truck driving up and down the sand and into the water. At times, the waves were washing over the roof of the truck. However, this did not seem to deter Brzuszkiewicz as he allegedly continued to drive his truck in the ocean.

The real kicker though is that Brzuszkiewicz seemed to blame his truck for this situation. When the police pulled him over, he didn’t say that he just didn’t see the sign or make up a similar excuse. Instead, bodycam video shows he complained about his truck's abilities.

"Not my fault the truck don’t surf," Brzuszkiewicz said.

He then asked the officers if he could get in trouble for what he did. He was then informed that he was facing misdemeanor charges that could result in jail time.

Brzuszkiewicz was charged with failure to pay a vehicular access fee and transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail. He was held there with a $200 bond.

The next time he wants to go surfing he should grab a board from DHD or Pyzel and leave the Ram at home.

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