Florida Mom Says Her Kids Were Expelled Over ‘OnlyFans’ Decal on Car: 'I Never Expected Any of This'

"I was totally okay with living my life the way I was living it," Michelle Cline tells PEOPLE

<p>Courtesy Michelle Cline </p> Michelle Cline.

Courtesy Michelle Cline

Michelle Cline.
  • Florida mom Michelle Cline tells PEOPLE her children have been expelled from their private Christian school in Tavares

  • Cline, who was previously told that she could no longer drop her kids off at school due to her OnlyFans car decal, spoke out about the controversy last week

  • Cline tells PEOPLE she would "give all that money back" she's gained from OnlyFans just so her kids could go back to school

A Florida mother says her children were expelled from a private Christian school after her OnlyFans car decal sparked controversy.

The expulsion comes weeks after Michelle Cline was told to cover up her prominent decal or risk being able to drop her kids off at Liberty Christian Preparatory School’s main entrance.

Cline tells PEOPLE that she received an email on Feb. 5 telling her that her two children were "expelled effective immediately."

"They were not allowed to come back there, even though I had obliged with them by staying off campus with my decals," she says. "I still dropped the kids at school off campus, and my car was never on campus again from the time they told us that."

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In the Feb. 5 letter, obtained by PEOPLE, Liberty Christian Preparatory School board officials told Cline that their enrollment was "terminated" because she produced and distributed "pornography via a pornographic website" and advertised her account "via vinyl lettering and images on your vehicles."

They also argued her actions violated several Florida statutes, including one that makes it a crime for a person to "knowingly exhibit for a monetary consideration to a minor. a motion picture."

A Liberty Christian representative did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment on Monday.

School officials went on to allege Cline “obtained an even larger vinyl lettering scheme that covered the entire back of her vehicle's tailgate, and mockingly posted a photo of the larger display on social media."

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However, Cline says she did not put on a larger decal after the initial incident. She also shares that she has had three vehicles with OnlyFans decals for years but it only got flagged to the school's attention when another mom complained.

"These cars have had the decal on there for two years now, and that decal that was on that truck, which just simply when we first got the truck, we had the truck for six months, engine blew, and we tossed it, and that was it," she shares.

And while Liberty Christian claimed that Cline disrupted school activities by engaging with local news media, Cline says she only spoke out to "defend" herself.

"It's a misconception that I reached out to media for this, I never did," she says.

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Cline says she "certainly never anticipated" the attention she received and "was not looking for a payout."

"I never expected any of this," Cline says. "I was totally okay with living my life the way I was living it. There was no issues. There was no major drama."

Up until the unidentified mom complained, Cline says there were "no issues."

Though Cline notes that her OnlyFans account has benefited financially from all the attention, she says would "give all that money back" just so her kids — who are now being homeschooled — could go back.

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Jeremy Thomas, LCPS’s head of school, told PEOPLE last week that the school is taking "appropriate action to protect the innocence of children" amid the initial controversy.

In an interview with Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes for their podcast, Amy & T.J., Cline said last week that she had been prepared for the "backlash" surrounding her decal for quite some time.

“I'll be honest, mine is definitely explicit,” Cline said. “I mean, when I first put it on [last year] and I drove in, I honestly was prepared for this kind of backlash back then. I was prepared for [people] right away to be like, ‘Whoa!’ What's going on?’ And then I probably would've just removed it because it would've been an immediate issue.”

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The school did offer Michelle an opportunity to re-enroll her kids if she removed her decals, ended and took down "any and all pornographic website(s) and social media under your control, and inform LCPS in writing of these actions and that you desire to sincerely seek repentance and restoration," per their letter.

Cline tells PEOPLE she's "not going to back down" though she understands why the school had to take action.

"They have to do what they have to do because at the end of the day, they have hundreds of kids to look after," she says.

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