Follow Tiger Woods' second round at the Masters hole by hole

Tiger Woods chips to the third green during the second round at the Masters golf tournament Friday, April 6, 2018, in Augusta, Ga. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

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This post will be updated hole by hole as Tiger Woods plays his second round at the Masters.

Tiger Woods’ current score: +4 (+3 for the day)

Here’s a great piece on how a dedicated daughter made sure her cancer-stricken father could meet with Tiger Woods for a few minutes before Thursday’s opening round. 

No. 18 — Par 4, 465 yards – PAR

A good drive, a decent approach shot and … another missed putt. That was the story of Tiger’s day as he missed a 15-foot birdie putt on the 18th green to take home a second-round 75. Obviously not what he was hoping for when he started the second round, but it’s enough to earn a ticket to the weekend. Woods will start early if the forecast allows, so don’t expect him to be a big part of the late afternoon broadcast.

No. 17 – Par 4, 440 yards – PAR

Still nothing really doing with Woods’ putter. After a great approach shot to 14 feet, Woods left his putt wide and missed a chance to pick up the stroke he gave away on No. 16. Onward.

No. 16 – Par 3, 170 yards – BOGEY

We spoke too soon. After a shot to the back of the green, Woods got aggressive with his birdie putt. And while he did almost hole it, the ball slid too far past, requiring another two putts back to finish the hole. The cutline is still +5.

No. 15 – Par 5, 530 yards – BIRDIE

Things have slowed to a crawl on a crowded course, but Tiger is finally starting to pick things up. After a 340-yard drive, Tiger wound a brilliant approach shot around a tree to hit the back of the green. A putt off the fringe set up an easy 3-foot tap-in for his second birdie in three holes.

While Woods isn’t even in the same zip code as leader Patrick Reed (-8) or playing partner Marc Leishman (-7 after an eagle on No. 15), he’s again in position to comfortably make the weekend.

No. 14 – Par 4, 440 yards – PAR

Woods birdied this one on Thursday and almost did again but his putt came up just short. This has been a tough hole for the field, though, and he’s played it well twice. Another good scoring chance is coming up on the par-5 15th.

No. 13 – Par 5, 510 yards – BIRDIE

Two droughts are over! Not only did Woods record his first birdie of the day, he finally recorded a birdie on a par 5, something he had yet to do in this tournament. That’s a big stroke toward ensuring he’ll be around to play the weekend in Augusta.

No. 12 – Par 3, 155 yards – BOGEY

Now we’ve got real trouble. Woods knew he was in trouble as soon as he swung the club and it turned out that he was right. This tee shot was almost a mirror of what he did in Thursday’s opening round and the result was the same: Woods’ golf ball getting baptized in the waters of Rae’s Creek.

Luckily for Woods, he was able to again save bogey with a solid pitch over the creek. But he’s now sitting on the cut line at +5 and still hasn’t made a birdie all day. These last six holes are going to be tight.

No. 11 – Par 4, 505 yards – PAR

One of the television announcers just described this par as “classy.” We’re not quite sure what makes a par “classy,” but it apparently involves hitting a drive into the pine straw, getting out safely onto the green and two-putting from about 37 feet out. Woods heads to No. 12, where he hit the water on Thursday …

No. 10 – Par 4, 495 yards – PAR

This was a much more routine par than the previous hole, though Woods did complete a nice sidewinding put to complete an easy par save. Woods is currently a few holes ahead of the Masters leader, but Patrick Reed’s current tear has put him 11 strokes ahead of Tiger (and two ahead of Marc Leishman and Charley Hoffman, who are T-2). Reed just birdied No. 8.

No. 9 – Par 4, 460 yards – PAR

More unpleasantness awaited Tiger on No. 9. After his initial drive brought him 140 yards from the hole, his second shot made it up onto the green — but not far enough. The green on No. 9 has a sort of false front, or an elevated section, and it sent Tiger’s ball back down the hill. He chipped it up to the green, but with the greens firm and running fast, he had to be careful… and he was! He sunk a 15-foot putt to save par, another in a string of borderline miraculous par saves for Tiger. It was a big one for Tiger. With the projected cut currently at +5, he can’t afford any more missteps.

No. 8 – Par 5, 570 yards – PAR

Would Tiger be able to break his nine-hole birdie drought? After a mighty 335-yard drive that came down just right of the fairway, his second shot landed on the backside of a hill next to the green. Then Tiger unleashed a beautiful shot that gracefully looped the ball over the mound. It landed on the green with a thud and no roll, just 11 feet from the hole.

But the birdie wasn’t meant to be. He aimed his putt to the left of the hole and the ball didn’t curl back nearly enough. That’s no birdies for ten straight holes, and Tiger has yet to birdie on a par 5 this week. He remains at +3 today and +4 overall.

No. 7 – Par 4, 450 yards – PAR

For the fourth straight hole, Tiger hit the ball too far up the back and missed the green. His first shot was fine enough, a 290-yard drive that took a few short bounces onto the first cut of grass on the right side. On his second shot, he overshot the green but was hoping that a lip above a bunker would give his ball some rollback. Unfortunately, he got none. He handled the quick green and the downward slope as well as he could, and made par after two putts.

Tiger’s walking a tightrope right now. The projected cut is currently +5, so he’s got almost no room for mistakes. He’s still sitting at +3 for the day.

No. 6 – Par 3, 180 yards – PAR

It looked like Woods might be in trouble after his first shot. He overshot the green again and the ball rolled about ten feet into the higher grass. But even after that disaster at No. 5, Tiger’s still got confidence. He set himself for a delicate chip shot which was nearly perfect — he just barely missed a birdie. He sunk the four-foot putt to save par, but is now ten shots off the leader Patrick Reed, who is at -6.

No. 5 – Par 4, 455 yards – DOUBLE BOGEY

This is Tiger’s first true disaster of the day. His first drive went far to the right and flew right over the heads of spectators. His second shot was even worse. He hit it directly into the magnolia bushes and it took five minutes for Woods, his caddy, his group mate Mark Leishman, and Leishman’s caddy to even find the ball. And when the ball was found, it was buried under layers of debris.

Tiger had no choice but to take an unplayable, but his drop was still at least six feet into the brush. He managed to hit it out of the woods… and it landed right in the bunker. He ended up with a double bogey on the hole, which in itself is a miracle considering he almost couldn’t find his ball. He’s currently at +3 on the day and +4 overall.

No. 4 – Par 3, 240 yards – PAR

Woods seemed doomed to repeat history from the very start of this hole. He bogeyed Thursday, and that might have been on his mind when he backed off from hitting his first shot and had to reset. When the ball left the tee, it looked like it was heading toward the bunker just like Thursday. Instead it skipped way past both the green and the bunker and landed 25 feet from the hole.

But then we saw the Tiger we all remember. He hit a tremendous third shot to get that ball onto the green, and then nailed the 11-foot putt for a bogey-saving par. He’s still at +1.

No. 3 – Par 4, 350 yards – PAR

Tiger birdied this hole on Thursday, could he do it again? He started with a 335-foot drive that landed right in the middle of the fairway, and was juuuuust short of rolling up onto the green. Just 31 yards from the hole, he chipped it onto the green and gave himself an excellent chance to pick up a shot. But his 7-foot putt rolled along the side of the hole, leaving him with a very short putt and no repeat birdie. He made par, and is seven shots off the new leader Marc Leishman at -5.

No. 2 – Par 5, 575 yards – PAR

Woods caught a little luck on his opening drive. The ball was headed toward the trees on the left side, but managed to kick back to the edge of the fairway at the last second. His second shot took him 73 yards from the pin, and then he tried to play the slope on the back side of the green. The ball didn’t roll back enough, which left him a long putt for birdie. He just barely missed it, and sunk the shorter putt for par. He remains at +1 for the day.

No. 1 – Par 4, 445 yards – BOGEY

Opting for driver instead of three-wood, Tiger’s first drive of the second round was much better than his opening shot on Thursday. But the good news ended there. Despite only leaving himself 92 yards to the hole, Woods’ approach shot hit the left side of the green and rolled off, leaving him an up and down for par. His left his chip short on the fringe and he was forced to two-putt for bogey. He’s currently five shots off the horde of leaders at -3.

Pre-round remarks

Woods is scheduled to tee off at 1:27 p.m. ET and there’s plenty of room to make a move. First-round leader Jordan Spieth gave up three strokes over the first three holes on Friday, so the deficit Woods will be trying to erase is not as challenging as it seemed when everyone woke up for the second round.

Woods will need some consistency if he wants to move into serious contention and he’ll need to score. He didn’t birdie any of the par 5s during the first round and his putter was mediocre at best. There are still 54 holes to be played, sure, but Woods is no doubt looking to join some of the familiar names who are bunched at the top of the leaderboard right now.