FOOD REVIEW: Avocado coffee at Kalijodo - avocado or avoca-don't?

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Are you a morning coffee person, or after lunch coffee person, or a coffee throughout the day person? Regardless, throw a stone in Singapore, and it's bound to hit a coffee shop, joint or cafe where one can get their caffeine fix.

Today, the Yummy crew head down to Kalijodo, serving up Singapore's first specialty avocado coffee. Yep, you read that right — coffee with avocado. Hailing from Indonesia, the first store opened at Joo Chiat and have garnered a fair amount of reviews in a year of operation.

Photo: Customer review of Kalijodo on Google
Photo: Customer review of Kalijodo on Google

Why avocado and coffee? Accordingly to the owner, it was born out of an experiment for a new drink. Kalijodo now has over 70 outlets in Indonesia, which is possibly a good indication of the reception to this unique combination of coffee and avocado.

Cutting avocado on a wooden cutting board with coffee cup
Will coffee and avocado blend well together?

Before coffee connoisseurs gasp at the audacity of mixing the two, Kalijodo does serves up a wicked cup of normal coffee, something we are sure elevated the enjoyment of the drink as a whole. Check out the video for our full review!


14 Scotts Road

#01-41, Far East Plaza

Singapore 228213

Opening hours: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM