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Hot peppers

If you’re a fan of the heat or ready to train your tastebuds — hot peppers help improve blood flow, help boost metabolism and protect against bacteria, which can lead to diseases. This is all thanks to the capsaicin found within the vegetable. Inflammation can be the catalyst that leads to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, cancer and more, so pop back a green or red chili pepper (or seven) if you dare.

Can these foods add years to your life?

It’s safe to assume there isn’t a magic potion that we can drink to keep us living forever — we do not live in a Disney movie. However, we’re all looking for ways to preserve our health and get the most out of our life. We try to get the proper foods in our diet — but as much as we try — there’s always something “more” we can be doing. Well, pat yourself on the back and be happy for where you’re at. Do it.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to learn new tricks and tips from time to time. If there’s a chance to add years to your life and do it without killing yourself (see what I did there?) then who are we to turn a blind eye.

A recent article in the issue of Consumer Reports on Health claims that consuming the following six foods could add both “life to your years and years to your life.”

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