Fascinating footage shows fishermen rescue a bald eagle from a giant octopus's grasp

Fascinating footage shows a bald eagle nearly drowned by a giant Pacific octopus after it swooped close to the surface of the water off Canada’s west coast.

The video shows the scuffle between the two as the octopus, which had turned a crimson colour, wound its tentacles tightly around the eagle, which floats helplessly entangled in the octopus’s grip.

Employees at a nearby fish farm heard loud “screeching” and “splashing” sounds coming from the water, on the north-western tip of Vancouver Island, and went to investigate.

It shows the scuffle between the two as the octopus, which had turned a crimson colour wound its tentacles tightly around the eagle, which was floating helplessly at the surface.(Mowicanadawest Instagram)

“At first, we just watched and we didn’t know if we should interfere because, you know, it’s mother nature,” John Ilett, an employee at Mowi West Canada, told CTV News.

But realising the eagle was likely to drown, the crew decided to intervene.

Using a pike pole, IIett was able to pull the octopus which still had the bird in its clutches onto the boat and managed to pull both aboard.

The team decided to intervene and separate the eagle from the octopus's clutch. (Mowicanadawest)

The team then disentangled the bird from the octopus's tentacles before tossing it back into the water.

After the eagle was pried from its grasp, it can be seen taking refuge on a nearby tree branch as the octopus swims away.

The video was posted on Mowi Canada West’s Facebook page.

They wrote: “Our staff at our Mahatta West farm in Quatsino rescued an eagle that had bitten off more than it could chew when it tried to catch an octopus.

“They are used to seeing the wonders of nature around them on a regular basis, but they knew that this was a once in a lifetime experience.”


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The giant Pacific octopus, the biggest in the world, grows bigger and lives longer than any other octopus species.

They can grow to around 30 feet across and weigh more than 600 pounds.

According to the National Geographic, they primarily survive on shrimp, clams, lobsters, and fish, but have been known to attack birds and sharks using their sharp toothed-tongue to tear flesh.