Forget Superman; it's 'Batman vs. Pennywise' in this fan mash-up trailer

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Having faced down the Joker on multiple occasions, Batman has a fair amount of experience tangling with killer clowns. But he’s never met a clown quite like Pennywise. A new fan trailer imagines the sure-to-be-epic confrontation between the Dark Knight and the Derry Boogeyman, mixing footage from the blockbuster Stephen King adaptation Itwhich is now the highest-grossing horror movie of all time — with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. (Watch the trailer above.)

Here’s the setup for Batman vs. It: Having already bedeviled Derry’s Losers’ Club, Pennywise sets his sights on a bigger stage: Gotham City. His presence haunts the dreams of one of the metropolis’s most prominent citizens, millionaire (and retired crimefighter) Bruce “Batfleck” Wayne. Recognizing the threat posed by this terrorizer of children, the orphaned hero pulls his Batsuit out of mothballs, schedules some time for cross-fit training, and takes the fight to Pennywise. Obviously, Justice League is already in the can, but considering It‘s dominance of pop culture, Matt Reeves might want borrow this as the premise for The Batman.

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