Former vice presidential candidate's 'Masked Singer' reveal has Twitter going nuts

As the Democratic presidential race gets down to the nitty-gritty, everyone is speculating about which politician will be the VP candidate on a possible Biden or Sanders ticket. But whoever ends up clinching the 2020 vice-presidential nomination can take comfort in knowing that in a few years’ time, he or she will probably be on The Masked Singer, trussed up like Care Bear at a Lisa Frank-sponsored rave, rapping an R-rated ‘90s hip-hop classic.

Why? Because on Wednesday’s latest episode of The Masked Singer, which debuted Season 3’s six new Group C costumed contestants, the Bear was revealed to be… Sarah Palin.

Seriously, the only thing that might be stranger than the actual 2020 election news cycle is the fact that the self-described “unbearable” and “polarizing” 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate “came out of hibernation” to very enthusiastically rap — and shake her healthy, furry butt — during Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” (Oh my gawd, Becky, look at that bear, indeed.)

Judge Robin Thicke actually thought the Bear might be expert Palin impersonator Tina Fey. And he still seemed think that even when host Nick Cannon removed the Bear’s fluffy oversized head to reveal a certain signature mid-aughts Bumpits hairdo. (I imagine Lorne Michaels is frantically ringing up Tina right now, begging her to make a cameo on Saturday Night Live this weekend in a bear onesie and beehive bun. Make it happen, NBC!) 

It actually seemed to take a moment for it to truly register with all of the Masked Singer judges that this was in fact the real Palin — as Nick, speaking for all of America, gasped, “This might be the most shocked I have ever been on this show!” Thankfully, Nick regained his composure quickly enough to twerk alongside Sarah the Bear during her post-unmasking reprise of the 1992 rump-shaking hit.

“I was really appreciative of The Masked Singer, because they let me exploit men. Did you guys notice I changed the lyrics? It was all about men's butts, not women’s!” Palin pointed out.

Yep. So that’s 2020 in a nutshell. It’s barely March, and this is already the most bonkers year ever. Even Palin had to admit, “This is the weirdest thing I've ever done, that's for sure.” But at least this was some light-hearted political news — a welcome distraction from the usual depressing headlines.

“It’s about fun. It's unity. This is all good,” said Palin. “This is something that our country needs right now, too.” Bear for President!