Former Trump adviser Omarosa says Hillary Clinton would be 'exceptional' president

On Celebrity Big Brother, former Trump staffer Omarosa Manigault spoke about her old boss’s opponent in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton. But instead of the vitriol usually aimed at Clinton from many Trump supporters, Manigault had nothing but good things to say.

When fellow contestant Ross Mathews asked what Clinton is like, Manigault said, “Very engaged, and smart, and sharp.” Asked if Clinton would have been a good president, she answered, “She would have been exceptional.”

Before joining the Trump team, Omarosa worked on Clinton’s behalf with a super-PAC called Ready for Hillary (now just Ready PAC). But things didn’t end well between Omarosa and the group, which she now calls “a little bit of a scam.”

“There was a big LA Times article about a big rally she did, and they quoted me saying how important I thought this race was and how important she would be and how she’d make history and all that,” Manigault said. “And then when it was time to roll it over into the Hillary for America campaign, they just completely discarded all of the people who had done work.”

That got the ball rolling for Omarosa’s brief political career.

“So it wasn’t hard when he called me and was like, ‘Can you be on board?’ because I’d just been used and abused by the Ready for Hillary organization,” Manigault said.

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