Fort Leavenworth officer sentenced to probation for beating wife faces military charges

A ranking officer at Fort Leavenworth who was convicted of two felonies for beating his wife and destroying evidence is now facing military charges, according to the Army.

Lt. Col. Greg Pasquantonio, 40, was ordered late last month in Leavenworth County District Court to serve three years of probation. He pleaded guilty in August to beating his wife unconscious and was also found guilty of destroying evidence.

On Thursday, a spokesperson for the Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth confirmed formal military charges were being pursued.

Pasquantonio, assigned to Fort Leavenworth since 2021, is accused of domestic violence, obstructing justice, and conduct unbecoming an officer. As of Thursday, the charges against him had been preferred, an early step in the court-martial process.

The charges resemble those brought against Pasquantonio by Leavenworth County prosecutors late last year.

On Dec. 1, Lansing police officers were dispatched to the lieutenant colonel’s home for an emergency medical call. Pasquantonio was arrested after his wife was found unconscious and severely injured.

Prosecutors alleged the lieutenant colonel beat her with his hands, fists and feet after losing his temper. She was hospitalized after the attack.

After being released from jail in December, prosecutors said Pasquantio tried to thwart the investigation by deleting his home surveillance videos. He pleaded no-contest to a subsequent felony charge of interfering with law enforcement.

Under state sentencing guidelines, Pasquantonio’s assault conviction fell into an offense category where prison is presumed. Judge Gerald Kuckelman instead ordered him to serve probation with a 41-month suspended state prison sentence that could take effect if Pasquantonio violates terms set by the court.