This four-month-old is undoubtedly the cutest Olympian this year

The 2034 Olympics are 16 years away, but at this point, it’s probably time to just hand almost all of the medals to Great Britain. The Brits already have a superstar in this adorable four-month-old who’s competed every day of the PyeongChang games and already captured a pair of golds.

Under the Twitter username @Littlelongc, he started with luge, which earned him a spot on BBC Sport:

From there, the little one’s Olympics really took off. He went curling as his next event…

…and then snowboarding on Day 3, where he couldn’t quite stick the landing.

On the ensuing days he tested out speed skating, ski jumping, biathlon, and skeleton, for which he seems especially well-suited and captured his first gold of the games:

He’s also hit the skies for freestyle skiing, teamed up with a teddy bear (certainly a trustworthy choice for pilot) for two-man bobsled, and won gold for ice dancing with another favorite stuffed animal:

You can follow all of his adventures here and follow his path to Olympic superstardom quite literally from the start. Start clearing your schedule for Winter 2034.