'Fox and Friends' skewers Rosie O'Donnell tweet

Will Lerner
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On the Thursday morning edition of Fox and Friends, hosts Brian Kilmeade, Leland Vittert, and Lisa Boothe spent time criticizing former President Barack Obama and other Democrats who have objected to President Trump and the Republican agenda. It was feeling like their Greatest Hits, especially when they devoted a segment to an old favorite, Rosie O’Donnell, because of a tweet she directed at House Speaker Paul Ryan on Dec. 25:

After Boothe suggested O’Donnell was on a rampage on Twitter “for attention,” the show welcomed the Rev. Franklin Graham to discuss his response to O’Donnell on Facebook. “I’m glad to know that Rosie is a fundamentalist,” Graham said with a smile. “She believes in hell. So many people don’t believe in hell. Jesus preached on hell. He taught us hell. But I wanted Rosie to know she didn’t have the keys to hell.

“… I want Rosie to know … we don’t have to go to hell,” Graham continued. “God want to save us. And he sent his son to take our sins. But we have to accept it by faith and trust him. And believe on him. And so Rosie, if you are watching, I hope you put your faith and trust in Christ because he will forgive your sins and heal your heart and you can have a new life and new beginning if you put your faith and trust in him.”

Fox and Friends spent a segment discussing a Rosie O’Donnell tweet. (Photo: Fox News)

Yet, Kilmeade seemed more interested in going back to criticizing O’Donnell. “She is a very hateful person,” he said. “What do you do with someone wakes up hating like she does on a regular basis and goes out of his way to ridicule somebody who maybe is not registered to the same party that she’s in?”

Long story short, Graham reiterated his point about putting faith in Jesus. Of course, that didn’t seem to help win over Kilmeade. Only a few minutes later, he took a dig at Pope Francis. When Vittert mentioned Trump’s intention to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Kilmeade quipped, “Didn’t make the pope happy, but what does?”

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