Fox News calls out 'Fled Cruz' for Cancun trip amid crisis in Texas

Fox News correspondent Trace Gallagher ripped, and mocked, Texas Senator Ted Cruz for taking a trip to Cancun, Mexico on Wednesday as Texas continues to deal with multiple crises brought about by historically cold temperatures. Appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, guest-hosted by frequent guest Mark Steyn, Gallagher almost seemed to take delight in hammering Cruz.

“Governor Abbott is also asking President Biden for an emergency declaration,” Gallagher said, “and Texas Senator Ted Cruz asked the president to fast-track that declaration right before he fast-tracked his way to Cancun where it’s 80 degrees.”

Amid fierce backlash, Cruz returned home on Thursday. Though he originally made it seem as though he only took the trip to escort his family with the intent of returning almost immediately, Cruz later admitted the plan was to stay multiple nights, and Gallagher called out Cruz for abandoning his constituents.

“Traditionally in times of crisis, national officeholders act as conduits to the federal government, relaying the immediate needs of constituents,” Gallagher said. “Though Cruz claims he was always at the helm. Quoting again, ‘My team and I will continue using all our resources to keep Texans informed and safe.’ Apparently doing that from the Cancun office.”

And Gallagher couldn’t help but to take one more shot.

“Now he says he wants to help get the power and the water back on,” Gallagher said, “right after he finishes a margarita.”