Fox News Host Jesse Watters’ Latest Ridiculous Attack On Joe Biden Is... Something

Fox News host Jesse Watters on Wednesday doubled down on his bashing of President Joe Biden for drinking a milkshake through a straw over Thanksgiving.

“Some things we just can’t let slide. Joe Biden used a straw,” said Watters, who in 2016 actually shared on Instagram a photo of himself and a McDonald’s meal with a straw in the drink (although it’s unclear if he ended up using the utensil).

“Now, if you’ve seen me on ‘The Five’ or on prime time, you’ll know I recommend that all men refrain from using straws. It’s unbecoming the way a man’s lips purse,” said Watters. “The size of the straw is just too dainty. The way your fingers clasp on it. No, come on. Straws are for women and little kids, but apparently, this is controversial.”

Watch the video here:

Watters cut to a clip of late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel from earlier this week, where Kimmel addressed Watters’ previous attack on Biden’s straw use.

“They are literally now grasping at straws,” Kimmel said of Watters’ criticism of the president. Kimmel then showed a photo of Donald Trump drinking through a straw. Kimmel mockingly told Watters to apologize to the former president.

Ready with a response, Watters cut back to himself in the studio.

“Jimmy, you know I don’t apologize,” he said. “I’m sure Trump would agree that wasn’t a good look. He’s better than that.”

Watters, whose own mother once told him on the air to stop needlessly attacking Biden, then took aim at men who eat soup in public.

Critics on X, formerly Twitter, had various well, thoughts: