Fred Savage causes drama between Mitch and Cam on 'Modern Family'

On Modern Family, Fred Savage made an appearance as Caleb, a massage therapist and Mitch’s (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) replacement for Cam (Eric Stonestreet) if anything were to happen to him.

After Phil was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, Cam had a bit of an existential crisis and tricked Mitch into telling him who his replacement would be. Upon finding out it’s Caleb, Cam invited Caleb over to give Mitchell a massage. That was his first mistake. After allowing his jealous side to come out during Mitch’s massage, Cam made his second mistake: telling Caleb about Mitch’s little crush.

After a little miscommunication and a misunderstanding, Caleb came between Mitch and Cam … literally. As Mitch and Cam were talking about the day and getting into bed, they quickly realized they were not alone. They laid down only to find Caleb between them. Caleb was up for anything; Mitch and Cam, not so much.

As it turned out, there was a reason for Cam’s sudden existential crisis. He’d recently taken a test to make sure he didn’t have a pair of genes from his mother’s side of the family, or “mom genes,” that could lead him to an early grave. He’d been too afraid to look at the results. Mitch looks and finds that Cam does not have the “mom genes” and the crisis is over. At this point, Caleb realizes it’s time for him to leave, only to make it obvious he’s still game.

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