Frito-Lay employee reveals why bags of chips have so much air in them: It has to do with 'keep[ing] the chips safe'

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A Frito-Lay employee explained why potato chip bags are full of air.

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TikToker Selena Aragon works in merchandising at the company. When she posted a video that showed a rare bag of Cheetos that was completely filled with puffs, she got a ton of questions. People wanted to know if the air was there to trick people into thinking the bag had more chips and why the company couldn’t sell full bags. Aragon made a follow-up video to tell all.

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The employee explained that the full bag was caused by a factory error. The air in chip bags is actually nitrogen, and it’s there for a reason.

“The reason for the nitrogen and chip ratio is to keep the chips safe during transportation,” Aragon said. “These chips will get handled a lot. So it just ensures the chips aren’t getting smashed, and it keeps them fresh longer.”

If the bags were crushed, the chips would be broken in stores. By filling chip bags with nitrogen, companies are able to ensure consistent quality.

She also explained that the reason why chip prices are skyrocketing is because of global inflation, just like everything else.

“When I started bags were 2.19 and now they are 5.29. I’m glad I see when they go on sale,” Aragon added in the comment section.

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