Fun facts you didn't know about Wembley Stadium, home to the NFL's London Games editors

Formerly called Empire Stadium, London's Wembley Stadium is the main home of NFL games played across the pond -- but there's a lot American fans likely don't know about the venue. 

One of the most mysterious facts about Wembley is that there is a time capsule buried underneath it. The capsule, which contains the architect's original sketches of the iconic Wembley Arch, was placed below the stadium during its massive renovation in 2005. Other historical items included in the capsule include memorabalia from the city's 2012 Olympic bid and bits of the previous stadium that stood where Wembley is today. 

There are plenty of fun secrets inside the arena, too. While you can't miss the two massive scoreboards that Wembley boasts, not everyone knows that they are equal the size of 600 television screens each. Talk about a football fan's dream!

The screens aren't the only massive aspect of Wembley. At a staggering 4 million cubic meters large, the 90,000-seat stadium itself can fit up to 25,000 of London's famous double decker buses inside. This also makes Wembley the largest fully-covered stadium in the world.

Wembley also has the most toilets of not just any sporting venue, but of any building -- anywhere! The arena is equipped with 2,618 different toilets for the ease and comfort of fans. 

The Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars are set to face off at London's Wembley Stadium on Sunday, September 24, with kickoff scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time