Fun fitness equipment to keep your 2020 resolutions going

Kate Mendonca
Shopping Editor
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If you’re already starting to feel your motivation your New Year’s resolutions starting to slip, know that you’re not alone. According to experts, only 8 per cent of people actually manage to achieve their goals, with the majority of us giving up by mid-February. 

Whether the goal was to eat healthier, exercise more, or stay on a budget, the best way to actually stick to your resolution is to enjoy the process and to not get discouraged if you fall off the wagon. Finding new and creative ways to stay motivated also helps to keep your momentum going, which can often be more challenging than getting started in the first place. 

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By now, you may have already gotten tired of hitting the gym regularly, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up completely if you’re trying to improve your fitness. Switching things up can be an easy way to stay on track, whether that means taking a new class, working out outdoors, or even getting your sweat on from home. 

Personally I’m a fan of YouTube workout videos on days when I’m not in the mood for the gym, but everyone has their own methods when it comes to finding a fitness routine that works. Ahead, scroll through for five of our favourite ways to get moving outside of the gym if you’re looking to keep your fitness goals going throughout 2020. 

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

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The Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure is perfect to get your blood pumping from home, especially if you’re competitive by nature. Filled with interactive challenges and minigames to keep you engaged, this game connects with the Nintendo Switch to track your movements and heart rate, offering encouragement and tips throughout your workout.

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Nike Training Club App

Image via Nike.

If you’d rather take your workouts with you on the go, the Nike Training Club app helps you to get fit from anywhere with a series of free strength, endurance, and mobility exercises. Available for Android and iOS, you can log your workouts, set a personalized fitness program, and even get up-to-date nutrition and wellness advice from experts. 

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SPRI Exercise Dice

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Turn any workout into an exciting game with these soft dice that feature different challenges on each face. With one dice including exercises like jumping jacks, crunches and squats, and the other offering either reps or 30 second increments of time, these dice are an easy way to spice up any home training session.

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Echelon Reflect and Connect

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If you’re looking to splurge, the Echelon Reflect and Connect brings your workouts into the new decade. With a training experience that combines live classes taught by world-class instructors from the comfort of your own home, this smart mirror offers everything from yoga and pilates to HIIT workouts with the touch of a button. 

SHOP IT: TSC, $1,900

Cubii Jr.

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Built specifically to be used while sitting, this little machine makes it easy to fit in physical activity any time during the day, whether that’s while working at your desk or simply watching TV on the couch. With eight resistance levels, it’s a low-impact workout that’s ideal for any fitness level.  

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