Funny Santa Photo Fails From Babies So Over Christmas

Ah, Santa photos.  A heart-warming holiday tradition of our angelic little ones telling the big man in red what their hearts desire for Christmas, all captured in beautiful pics you’ll cherish for years to come.

Right, unless your kid hates Santa and you stood in line for hours so they could lose their ever-loving shit the moment they get near him. Which is, essentially, every baby’s truth.

We reached out in some Facebook groups and asked Canadian parents to share their Santa photo fails. And they are SO GOOD. We laughed, we cried, we laugh-cried, and we commiserated about our own epic, sobbing, catastrophic photo fails (which, BTW, we still made into Christmas cards).

Check out the gallery below to see some amazing Santa photo fails submitted by Canadian parents (aren’t our kids supposed to be polite or something?).

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Mom's face, though.

"He was all good until he was handed over to Santa," says Ottawa mom Tiffany Haskins.

Better not pout

OMG, Ottawa mom Rachael Andrews' kid hates this.

Ho Ho No!

"This was last year, when Santa was pretty real for my four year old and a real terror for my one year old," says Vancouver's Melody Malaviarachchi.

"Get me outta here."

Ottawa mom Mikka Komaksiutiksak's son was thoroughly unimpressed.

Stay away.

Just a nice cozy photo from Ottawa mom Kaitlin Lee.

Santa has regrets

Everyone in this photo from Ottawa mom Jennifer Fenwick hates Santa.


"Not a total meltdown, but baby girl was just. So. Over. It," says Ottawa mom Meaghan Mahadeo.

Not having it.

"My son Greysen’s first Christmas at 8 months old (2010)," writes Oshawa, Ont. mom Kierra Sanderson.

Santa needs a break.

"They didn’t come to play," says Ottawa mom Larissa Deacon.

Right to the kisser.

Ottawa mom Katelyn Southern's baby looks like she might deck jolly old Saint Nick.


"Classic meltdown meeting the big man for the first time," says Ottawa mom Sarah O'Neill.

Double nope.

"We passed the twins to Santa and they started crying instantly so Santa calmly said, 'We have a sign for that!' says Ottawa's Amanda Harsh, mom of twins Rylynn and Parker.

Sorry, Dad.

"It was their own father dressed as Santa. Made it extra hilarious. We were so young and naive," Squamish, B.C. mom Candace O'Brien said of her twins.

Oh, poop.

"He definitely had a poop explosion on Santa," says Ottawa mom Brittany Leigh Fishenden.


"Never shush a baby," says Ottawa mom Kiersten Elaine Ward Jurchuk.

Don't be fooled.

"After a fight it turned into a family photo ... they got my son mid-scream so it looked like he’s laughing," says Ottawa mom Sarah Hayley.

He's outta there.

"It was all wrong for him, even with me there. He was outta there," says Barrie, Ont. mom Jessica Lance.

That face.

Ottawa mom Jenna Jessop's son is wee, but his face is a big mood.

It runs in the family.

"1980-something fail and 2019 fail. Like mother, like son," says Ottawa mom Gemma LeGresley.

Three out of four isn't bad.

75 per cent of the people in Ottawa mom Rebecca Montgomery's photo are thrilled.

We've got a runner.

"She just wanted out of there," says Ottawa mom Alexandra Williams.

Bah humbug.

That grump face! We love this pic from Ottawa's Jenny Vallee.

When Santa gives up entirely.

"Today's Santa's fail," says Ottawa mom Katie Gorman.

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