'I know our stories are worth telling': Gal Gadot opens up about being a woman in Hollywood

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    She said: "Give me an opportunity to be in on the story telling before it''s filmed..." That's not how movies are made. There is a hierarchy is the storytelling process. Starts with a writer that converts it to a screenplay. A producer picks up the screenplay to see if it has potential to be successful. A director is brought on to see if it can be made into a functional movie. Casting Director tries to fit the best performers to the roles the director needs. Performers are picked for various reasons such as looks, acting ability, popularity, etc. They CAN have an influence on a script but that is reserved to only top talent the producers are paying millions for these performers to be in their movie. Average actors and actresses DO NOT get that luxury to craft the script on the same level as the writer or directors. It makes sense when you think about it.If you have 10 core performers in a movie and all 10 get the ability to alter the story line,then you will have a mess on your hands and the original story is lost. You will just have 10 performers trying to get their character the most screen time and most importance.
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    How about Coca-Cola STOP using Plastic bottles and clean up the ocean. I don't need a pretty face pushing a product. I need clean water.
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    Gal seems like a great person and all, but boy, she really has imbibed the misandrist Hollyweird Kool Aid, a gynocentric liquor which results in its consumers popping off either about trivial first world problems which aren't actual problems, or outright lies via the victim mentality.

    If she were to look around, she'd find that there are women in film in droves, AND it's been this way from the go. The recent complaint is lack of woman directors being nominated. There's an easy solution for this: Make movies BOTH genders want to see, and that settles that.

    Because all of the "woke" femifascist movies over the last four years are either doing poorly at the box office, or flat out tank. Push an agenda through forced diversity and gender and identity politics, and you will alienate a very large percentage of potential viewers. STOP trying to make everything about race and gender.

    It's that easy but hey, it's Holluweird and they look for anything to complain about. If it doesn't exist, they'll make it up. This sort of lunacy is part of why awards shows have lost
    the lion's share of the audience they once had.
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    I'm a simple man. I see Gal Gadot, I click.
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    “Gal Gadot sits on a pristine white couch in a Manhattan hotel suite, ready to greet an endless line of journalists.” It sounds like such a hard-knock life...
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    You know I have been drinking Smart Water and eating Smart Popcorn while on the Smart Phone and I don't feel a bit different ! What am I doing wrong ? lol
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    Chris Johnson
    "give me an opportunity to be in on the story telling before it''s filmed..."

    She's an ACTRESS...I bet 98.5% of male actors have no say in the story telling. Just learn your lines and say them when we roll....

    Stop, just stop....
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    I just came for the pictures and it was worth it.
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    james B
    Lol. She is new and has no idea
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    I watched part of Wonder Woman and came to the conclusion that without all the fx and pyro, she's just an actress who reads the lines that are given to her, as any actor or actress does. Nothing special, just another "I'm the best and I'm going to change Hollywood's way of doing things." Interview? Who will read her the lines? Where are the que cards?