These garter-inspired jeans will set you back $650

Y Project’s garter-inspired jeans cost $505 USD. ( Photo screenshot via Opening Ceremony)

Most of us have at least one pair of classic denim jeans in our closets, but perhaps in a few years what we consider to be the “classic jean” will look completely different. Right now, garter-straps are the inspiration behind the latest jean “trend.”

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Would you wear these $505 USD garter-inspired jeans? (Photo screenshot via Opening Ceremony)

Produced by Y/Project, these straight-fit garter-inspired jeans come in a deconstructed style with front-pockets and adjustable denim straps held together by a series of silver-tone O-rings along the front and back. Featuring a high-waist and some cool garter-like zip-fly button closures that fasten down the front — they’ll set you back a cool $505 USD ($683 CAD).

$505 USD garter-inspired jeans (Photo screenshot via Opening Ceremony)

Are you loving these jeans? And more importantly, would you spend a few hundred on ’em? Other jeans that might become the new future classics include these detachable cut-out side jeans that turn into Daisy Dukes, the Vetements x Levi’s jeans that zipper down the back to expose your rear, Nordstrom’s $425 USD fake mud jeans , Topshop’s transparent vinyl jeans and the clear-knee mom jeans.

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(Photos: (L) Vetements x Levi jeans that zipper down the back to expose your rear ( via: vetements_official Instagram); (Top right) detachable cut-out side jeans that turn into Daisy Dukes ( via Opening Ceremony); (right middle) Clear-knee mom jeans (via Topshop); (bottom right) Nordstrom’s fake mud jeans.)

Pop star Ryan Destiny made the one-pant leg jeans work and Kendall Jenner’s “invisible jeans” slightly baffled us.

(Photo: (L) Ryan Destiny rocks the one-pant leg jeans (Instagram); (R) Kendall Jenner’s ‘Invisible Jeans’ (Photo: Getty)

If you need accessories to go along with your jeans, perhaps check out Chanel’s $1,300 USD boomerang (historical weapon of the Aboriginal people, cultural icon of Australia — and called out for cultural appropriation) or these $1,495 USD destroyed sneakers.

(Pair your jeans with a Chanel boomerang — image: Instagram (L) or a Destroyed sneaker — Image: Neiman Marcus (R)!)

If you get really adventurous and want to show off your fashion swag past jeans, check out these $550 leggings from Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 collection or this $13,000 chain from his jewelry line.

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