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Friday 27, March

The Moon continues to light up your house of rest and retreat, begging you to do less in your head. Take this as an invitation to come back to your body, Gemini. The upshot of the day is the super lucky and expansive confluence between the planet of beauty and money and Jupiter, the planet of abundance. Tap into your powers and resourcefulness.

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Thursday 26, March

The stars are all about getting rest now, Gemini. Slowing down is essential for your sanity and your health at the moment. You're processing a lot and it's all just starting to catch up with you and settle into your body. Don't focus so much on what you have to let go of, but what you will gain to give yourself some extra peace.

Wednesday 25, March

Feel where it hurts and find the healing medicine you need with your friends even if just online, Gemini. Everyone is more open to expressing their vulnerability and talking about what wounds and heals them. What do you need to be your most authentic self now? The Sun meeting up with Chiron asks you to be totally you.

Tuesday 24, March

There is a brand New Moon in your house of goals, wishes and friendships today, Gemini. What is most important to you will come to the forefront with great urgency under this lunation. Don't second-guess your decisions or desires now. You are right on the edge of all things brand new.

Monday 23, March

You're contemplating your bigger vision under today's dark Pisces Moon. You might not have all of the answers yet but you can sense something brand new and exciting about to emerge on the other side of tomorrow's New Moon. The images and inspiration are slowly but surely unfolding now.

Sunday 22, March

Two of the edgiest signs of the zodiac come into an intense conjunction today, so everything fear you feel is amplified by a thousand. Your anxieties can come up in ways they rarely do, Gemini. The good news is that after this Sunday, this way-too powerful energy begins to fade.

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