Gene Simmons loves parties, Halloween and America: 'When you're in America, every day is a holiday'

Jennifer Kline,

Stop checking your calendar: Every day is the right day for a party. Just ask Gene Simmons.

"My mother's philosophy, and wisely so, is that every day above ground is a good day. That's the best holiday there is," the KISS frontman told AOL during a recent interview. "You wake up, you're in America, it's a holiday. Whoopie!"

According to Simmons, who was born in Israel and immigrated to the United States at age 8, there's no "right" time to celebrate. "You can't look at the calendar and wait for someone to decide that a certain day is when you should be having a party," he said. And those parties require food, family, and -- yes! -- a bit of crafting.

"We forget, we grow up, we get so serious," Simmons lamented. "I think [crafting] is something really cool to do on dates, to do as an event. You take your friends, you go to Michaels and have a great afternoon. I love the fact that it's playtime and there are no rules." And really, more men should be taking advantage of this prime insight, Simmons said: "Take her to Michaels and she'll like you more."

Gene Simmons paints a pumpkin for Michaels Make-Off. (Getty)

More than 50 years after a young Simmons and his mother -- Hungarian-born and a Holocaust survivor -- made their way to New York City, his face is one of the most well-known anywhere of all time.

"I have one of the most recognized faces on Earth!" Simmons said, directing a question to this reporter: "As a well-read woman, you know that Sweden is a monarchy and has a king and a queen. Do you in fact know what the king and queen of Sweden look like?" (Embarrassed head shake.) "That's interesting, because everyone in Sweden knows what Kiss looks like. Defense rests, your honor."

And like clockwork, every October, countless kids -- and adults! -- go full-on Kiss for Halloween. Simmons loves it. "It is amazing," he said.

To get in the Halloween spirit, watch Gene Simmons and Busy Phillips compete in a pumpkin carving contest in the video above.