Geno Smith 'may be with Kyrie' Irving on flat-Earth theory

Earth is not flat. Most sane people know that. But thanks to Kyrie Irving, those five words have had to appear in “sports” articles over the past year.

Seriously, it’s been more than a year now since Irving first rolled out his flat-Earth theory. And yet still, athletes are following his lead. The latest, apparently, is NFL quarterback Geno Smith:

It’s frankly amazing that Smith, in “studying this whole flat Earth vs. globe thing,” isn’t citing internet conspiracy theorists or popular pseudoscientists. He’s citing FREAKIN’ KYRIE IRVING.

And then he’s asking for Twitter’s opinion on the matter, which is sure to be helpful and enlightening. He thinks it’s “a good conversation”:

My goodness.

And Geno said he wasn’t “debating on this topic” … but his 32 tweets, including replies and retweets, in the 90 or so minutes after the initial tweet would suggest otherwise. Here’s a sampling:

Uh … that last tweet … what?

Anyway … Irving continues to spout his nonsense, and athletes continue to cling on to it. He, and they, need to stop. They’re publicizing of it has real-world consequences. And the logic behind it is either absurdly faulty or non-existent.

Geno Smith, probably questioning whether the Earth is round rather than thinking about playing quarterback. (Getty)