George Lopez was such a fan of Freddie Prinze that he stole his tombstone

On Thursday, comedian George Lopez appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he revealed he has a bizarre memento of his idol Freddie Prinze. Prinze, who starred in Chico and the Man, died in 1977. Lopez would often visit his grave, and one day he ended up stealing his headstone.
“I stole his headstone,” said Lopez. He claimed that he was resting his own head against the stone when he noticed that it was loose. After some jiggling, the stone apparently broke and Lopez took it home with him.
He admitted that at first he felt quite guilty. “I go to the store,” Lopez recalled, “look down and "The Globe" has a picture of his mom and it says, "Grave robbers are trying to steal my son."
Lopez said he found out 25 years later that Prinze’s widow knew he had the headstone, and that she didn’t mind. He also somewhat made up for the thievery by getting Prinze a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.