George R. R. Martin Reveals Why He's ‘Struggling’ To Write Latest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Book

Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin says he’s in limbo when it comes to writing the next novel in his series, “The Winds of Winter.”

While appearing on the “Bangcast” podcast earlier this month, Martin, 75, admitted that he’s having trouble finishing up the sixth novel in his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, which he’s been working on since 2010.

“I’m 12 years late on this damn novel, and I’m struggling with it,” he said. “I have like 1,100 pages written, but I still have hundreds more pages to go. It’s a big mother of a book for whatever reason. Maybe I should’ve started writing smaller books when I began this, but it’s tough.”

The acclaimed author added: “That’s the main thing that dominates most of my working life.”

Martin’s update comes just four months after he confidently told fans in a blog post that he had been writing “almost every day” and “making steady progress.”

In the blog post, the writer then jokingly issued a disclaimer that he wasn’t working “as fast as I would like” and “certainly not as fast as YOU would like,” but noted that he was making “progress nonetheless.”

Martin’s best-selling series of fantasy novels, “A Song of Ice and Fire,” inspired HBO’s hit series, “Game of Thrones.” The drama series garnered so much success that it spawned HBO’s prequel series, “House of the Dragon.”