George Springer took very good care of the Commissioner's Trophy

Have you ever wondered how championship trophies travel from place to place? Are they given their own seats on planes, like a real passenger? Are they wrapped in fifteen layers of bubble wrap? Do they have their own special case?

This post won’t answer any of those questions. But it will answer a different important question: how did the World Series trophy, known as the Commissioner’s Trophy, get from Los Angeles to Houston after the Houston Astros won it all on Wednesday night?

George Springer made sure the Commissioner’s Trophy was snug and comfy for the flight from Los Angeles to Houston. (Instagram/@kimberly11ann)

That a picture from an Instagram post by Kim Gattis, wife of Houston Astros designated hitter Evan Gattis. And that’s a picture of the Commissioner’s Trophy, which has been given two pillows and a blanket and its very own plane seat.

According to Kim, it’s World Series MVP George Springer who so thoughtfully tucked in the trophy for a plane flight nap. The team traveled back to Houston on Thursday, and Springer probably wanted to make sure the trophy was well rested and dent-free for the big parade on Friday.

So when Astros fans see the trophy on Friday, they should thank Springer for not only his MVP performance in the World Series, but for taking such good care of the team’s hard-earned hardware.

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