GH Seal Spotlight: SeeMe Beauty Smooth Out Recovery Serum

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Photo credit: amazon
Photo credit: amazon

Developed by a team of women including a scientist, this serum softens and smooths the appearance of lines in two weeks.


SeeMe Beauty's Smooth Out Recovery Serum impressed the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab experts with its innovative formula containing research backed ingredients and its notable performance.

  1. FORMULATED FOR MATURING SKIN During menopause, a reduction in estrogen hormone levels causes the skin to undergo many changes, such as increased dryness, loss of elasticity and deepening of lines and wrinkles. SeeMe Beauty’s active complex contains artichoke leaf extract, which has been shown to be effective in smoothing the appearance of fine lines in menopausal skin within four short weeks.

  2. LIGHTWEIGHT HYDRATION The water-based formula soaks quickly into skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and nourished. With ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid, it hydrates parched skin and keeps it feeling soft even after two weeks of daily use.

  3. RADIANCE BOOSTING Dullness, a common concern among women of all ages, is no match for this niacinamide boasting serum. A consumer study showed that women aged 55+ found this product left skin with a radiant glow after two weeks of daily use.

  4. SOFT SUBTLE SCENT Awaken your senses with a little aromatherapy as you apply your skincare. Featuring relaxing lavender oil and uplifting lemon oil, SeeMe Beauty serum has a lightly herbaceous scent as you massage it into skin that dissipates soon after application.

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