GH Tested: Speed Queen DR7 Dryer

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Photo credit: courtesy
Photo credit: courtesy

This seven-cubic-feet capacity dryer has a compact profile and is quiet, intuitive and easy to use, and its ability to remove pet hair from wet and dry items is an added bonus for those with pets.


PET HAIR NIXER: The DR7 has two cycles specifically designed to take care of errant pet hair. The 10-minute Pet Hair Remover cycle is perfect for dealing with pet hair on clothing before loading the items in the washer, or for quickly freshening items. The fully-customizable Pet Items cycle takes around an hour, and exceeded our expectations on freshly washed wet pet items, removing pet hair and static. Blankets, pillows and even squeaky toys came out perfectly dried and pet approved!

SMART SETTINGS: Auto-sensing preset cycles for heavy duty, regular, perm press or delicate fabrics are Energy Saver cycles and use a moisture sensing system to calculate the time to dry the load, without over-drying. The digital display shows you how much time is left on each cycle.

SANITIZE WITH STEAM: For certain fabric types (check your care labels), the Steam Sanitize cycle uses high heat and kills 99.9% of household bacteria on your laundry, and also helps keep your laundry wrinkle free and soft.

● COMPLICATED MADE SIMPLE: It is super-easy to customize each load and we especially like the “favorites” setting which stores your favorite selections of temperature, dryness and options like Steam Boost, Anti-Static, and more, allowing your next load to start with the push of one button.

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