Ghost Drops already capitalizing in the legal market, partners with Mother Labs to develop exclusive cannabis genetics

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TORONTO, July 7, 2021 /CNW/ - To bridge the gap between the legacy and legal cannabis markets in Canada, Ghost Drops today announces its partnership with licensed nursery Mother Labs to develop and scale its exclusive genetics catalogue.

The licensing agreement with Mother Labs primes iconic legacy brand Ghost Drops to start scaling and delivering its renowned strains to legal market consumers.

The first legal product to market from Ghost Drops will be the ultra-popular, award-winning cultivar First Class Funk, in partnership with Mother Labs and legacy breeder Cultivating Happiness. In addition to First Class Funk, the partnership with Mother Labs also provides Ghost Drops exclusive rights to legacy cultivar Z-Splitter.

With the game-changing strain launch of First Class Funk, Ghost Drops is demonstrating its commitment to the cannabis community, while also building on its promise to convert legacy consumers to the legal market with its robust pipeline of popular legacy cultivars.

Ghost Drops CEO Gene Bernaudo says the partnership with Mother Labs is huge for Canadian cannabis consumers as well as for legacy market cultivators.

"Mother Labs is a wonder of innovation," he says. "Their experience in genetics development along with growing tissue cultures and their ability to commercialize cannabis cuts to scale will be essential for Ghost Drops as we deliver legacy cultivars to the legal market and continue our monthly drops."

Both Ghost Drops and Mother Labs are dedicated to providing Canadian legacy breeders an outlet to get their genetics into Ghost Drops jars and into the hands of legal consumers across the country.

"This partnership gives us the ability to bridge the gap between the legacy and legal markets and finally help shine some light on those who truly helped pave the road to legalization," says Bernaudo. "We are confident this partnership shows our commitment to deliver the same caliber of cannabis our consumers have come to know and love from our partners in the legacy market."

Mother Labs CEO and founder Brian Bain says the partnership will change the Canadian cannabis landscape.

"Ghost Drops embodies what the cannabis space has been salivating for and we are stoked to help them carve out their place within the legal framework," Bain says.

"Mother Labs could not be more excited to be partnered with Ghost Drops and their team of hand-selected cultivators. Our team is on a mission to offer the highest quality, exclusive cultivars in the world, leaning on our background of genetic sourcing, distribution, and BAMTM (Biological Asset Management)."

About Ghost Drops:

Ghost Drops is redefining cannabis in Canada.

Through exclusive partnerships with award-winning legacy market breeders and cultivators, the Ghost Drops model delivers to the legal market the very best in homegrown, small batch, craft cannabis.

Established in the legacy market to disrupt the status quo, Ghost Drops built a loyal cult following by setting the standard of cannabis excellence. Now in the legal market, the Ghost Drops business model combines branded cannabis products and retail with the new frontier of crypto to deliver the most unique play the industry has ever seen.

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