Ghosts stars tease how show will end – details

Charlotte Ritchie in season five of Ghosts

It's time to give up the Ghost….well Ghosts more specifically. After five incredible seasons, the hit sitcom will rest in peace, now that stars Charlotte Ritchie, Kiell Smith-Bynoe and more have filmed the final six episodes. Set to debut on October 6 – aka spooky season – it sounds like we're in for an emotional farewell.

Ahead of the show's conclusion, the cast have teased what's to come in new interviews with the BBC, and we couldn't be more excited. Asked about Alison's arc in season five, leading lady Charlotte Ritchie said: "It's a pretty big arc. She takes a new step into a different phase of her life with Mike.

"It's the end of an era as there's more responsibility involved. When something more serious happens to the two of them, that strangely sheds a light on the life that they've been living with the Ghosts. It slightly exposes how unsustainable it is. They were going from day to day thinking about how to get the next bit of money to continue to live there. Then suddenly that changes and they have to look a lot more long-term for the first time. Playtime is over basically."

Charlotte Ritchie as Alison and Kiell Smith-Bynoe as Mike in season five of Ghosts
Charlotte Ritchie as Alison and Kiell Smith-Bynoe as Mike in season five of Ghosts (BBC)

Kiell Smith-Boyne, aka Mike, has also echoed this sentiment. "The main development is that they [Alison and Mike] are thinking more about their life choices and what their future looks like."

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Asked if he feels now is the right time to end the show, Kiell responded: "I could have done another series! No, I think it's good to be able to end on a high and on your own terms, rather than have the channel say, 'We are not going to bring it back.' It's also great to be able to write an ending, so that you feel the story is finished, rather than saying, 'Oh, well, what would have happened next?'

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Kiell added: "Despite it being the final one, I think this series has some of the best episodes that we've made. I think it's really consistently got better."

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Revealing that he has watched the final episode, Kiell had nothing but high praise for the writers. "I think it's great. What the writers have done is really amazing. I did ask to watch the last few minutes of the final episode, and that didn't help my emotions! It's really brilliant," he said.

Ghosts cast in final season shot
The fifth season will debut on October 6 (BBC)

While the cast have kept pretty tight-lipped about plot details, the BBC has provided some details. "As we begin the series, while Alison and Mike search for new ways to keep Button House going after the gatehouse fire, they receive some unexpected news that will bring about major changes for them and the Ghosts," teases the synopsis.

"Elsewhere, the Ghosts investigate the mysterious details of Kitty's death, Pat is inspired to create some new entertainment for the gang when the Ghosts lose their appetite for Food Club, and after Robin makes an outlandish prediction the Ghosts contemplate their legacies."