Gigantic orca menacingly appears out of the shadows to inspect scuba diver

The orca is the undisputed king and top predator of the oceans. Fearless, powerful, and cunning, they possess enough skill and ability to take down even the largest of animals. Great white sharks abandon feeding grounds when orcas appear. Whales try in vain to outswim them for days before falling prey to these masters of the water. Their communication is sophisticated and they work together to problem solve and overcome almost any defense an animal puts up. They are intimidating and awe-inspiring at the same time. Yet, for all their ferocity and power, there has never been a fatal attack by orcas on humans in the wild. There have been very few reliable records of any threatening behaviour at all. Known as "killer whales", humans do fear them, and for good reason. They are enormous and they could easily crush a human in their formidable jaws. It is wise to maintain a healthy respect for what these creatures could do. It remains a mystery why they do not choose to attack people. This lucky scuba diver was exploring the waters of the Galapagos Islands, filming penguins, sea turtles, sea lions, and a beautiful school of salemas, the abundant fish that are a food source for many marine animals. As the camer focuses on a pair of large Pacific green turtles, a shadow appeared in the distance. Ominous and intimidating, the shadow moved with grace and purpose. The diver knew that there was only one animal in the ocean that it could be. He also knew that he would be at its mercy as it made up its own mind what to do next. There is no outrunning or outsmarting an orca. One must simply wait and watch, knowing that there is no reason for it to harm him if he acts carefully. The orca seemed to inspect the turtles, a common food for an orca. The thick shells crack easily under the pressure of their massive jaws. An orca will crush and separate the two halves of the shell and wedge the turtle between two rocks in order to scoop out the meat that lies within. But the turtles are spared and the orca swims around the scuba divers, inspecting them with interest. Quickly deciding that they are not on the menu, the orca leaves the divers in awe. Excited yells and squeals can be heard by all as they react to their brief and sudden close encounter with the ocean's top predator. They looked into the eyes of the orca and saw what very few humans will ever see. As we learn more about our oceans and the animals that live there, it is hoped that we can regard this world with the wonder and respect that it deserves. We are the guests in this domain.