Ginger Zee responds to commenter saying her kids will 'resent' her for working

Ginger Zee is opening up about being a working mom after an online commenter told the ABC News chief meteorologist that her kids will one day "resent" her career.

Zee (real name: Ginger Zuidgeest Colonomos) shared a screenshot of the commenter's tweet, which read: "Your kids will resent you when they grow up. For leaving them during their most vulnerable time in life. We were lied to. Really can't have it all."

Ginger Zee responded to a commenter who said her kids would
Ginger Zee responded to a commenter who said her kids would "resent" her for working. (Photo: The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA via Getty Images)

In response, Zee — who shares two sons with her husband, media personality Ben Aaron — wrote that the commenter "has it wrong." At the same time, she acknowledged that parenting does comes with sacrifice, whether someone works or stays home — and argued that whatever choices people make, they should be respected, not judged.

Sharing a selfie on Tuesday as she headed into work, the 40-year-old admitted that she'd "thought a lot about the person who referenced my children resenting me because I work."

She continued, "That person has it wrong but I can’t say that there aren’t sacrifices. Both mom, dad, grandparents, whomever makes up the village. There are sacrifices as a parent no matter what you do and all forms of parenting should be respected, including parents that can’t work because childcare is too expensive, don’t work because they choose not to… I admire it all.

"You can be a parent that stays home, you can be a parent that works outside of the house… you just have to be the best parent you can be. Or don’t be a parent if you don’t want (the whole society being obsessed with having children is not for everyone).

"I wake up with gratitude every day that I have had a chance at being a parent. Not everyone gets this opportunity and I’ll keep doing my best."

The TV personality's message was met with praise and support from fans who defended her career.

"For what it’s worth, my daughter, who is 6, wants to be a meteorologist ‘just like Ginger Zee’ when she grows up!" read one comment. "If my kid, a stranger who watches you weekday mornings, can see how great you are, I can only imagine what your own children see in you every day. What you’re doing is amazing!"

"Right on Ginger!" another commenter wrote. "There will always be someone [who] criticizes us moms; breastfeed, but God forbid too long, and not in public! Stay at home to raise your children, but then you’re ‘just a mom’ and everyone is asking you ‘when you are coming back to work.’ We all do the best we can. And you’re an amazing mama and a human being!"

"My two cents: Your kids will NOT resent you," added a fan. "Keep being amazing and (I know it can be difficult) ignore the haters."

Zee hasn't shied away from addressing unsolicited comments about her life and looks, responding to viewers calling her a "grandma" and using a shot of her legs to speak out on climate change.