Glamour Brazil slammed for 'slanty eyes' in Instagram post

Glamour Brazil

Don’t forget to set you clocks back 50 years this week, because that’s apparently where the world is headed.

If the election results weren’t devastating enough, take a look at this Instagram post by Glamour Brazil.

Glamour Brazil

The publication posted a Boomerang video last week of Glamour Brazil editors imitating stereotypical Asian features by pulling their eyes back. Its caption reads “Our Glamour in Japan project has just come true! Here in this fun Boomerang with eyes pulled are those who made everything happen.”

The post garnered more than 22,000 views, with plenty of negative comments on Instagram and Twitter calling out the offensive post.

To make matters worse, the post remained up for a whole 48 hours before it was deleted.

The publication later issued a public apology in English and Portuguese three days after the original post.

In it, the publication states that they “had absolutely no intention to offend.”

“We are deeply sorry we have offended the Asian community and other followers,” it writes. “Glamour Brasil has always been known by its diversity and this episode has taught us a lot.”

The magazine vows to be “more careful and sensible” in the future.

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