GM Files Active Aero Patent That Could Come to C8 Corvette ZR1

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GM's New Active Aero Patent Could Work on a ZR1Andi Hedrick

Active aerodynamics have been common on road cars for decades, but more extreme aero features like the constantly adjusting flaps seen on the Pagani Huayra have not yet trickled down to mass-production cars. If a patent for a new active aero control system is any indication, General Motors may be in a position to change that very soon.

The patent, first uncovered by CarBuzz, was filed earlier this month. It proposes a control system that integrates both the aerodynamic components themselves and an electronic limited-slip differential, effectively allowing the adjustable pieces to react to wheels slipping in real-time. In theory, that would allow the car to harmonize everything it can adjust and apply additional downforce at the cost of additional drag only where the control system determines it is most necessary.

Rather than working with different flaps tuned to each corner, this patent suggests that the control system would work with a front and rear aerodynamic element. That means the system should be less radical than the Pagani solution, let alone the outrageous sliding wing concept used on Zenvo's TSR-S.

While the filing does not suggest any specific model that could use these active aerodynamics, GM currently only produces one performance car that would require this kind of fine control. That would be the C8 Corvette, which is already on the market in standard, Z06, and E-Ray formats. Test mules that appear to be ZR1s have been spotted at the Nürburgring, and although those cars are not yet equipped with any sort of visible active aero, this sort of solution would make plenty of sense for an even more extreme Corvette variant coming in the near future.

Via the Drive.

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