'Our goal is to show people that there isn't one size': Ballerina and plus-size model sisters team up to promote self-love at all sizes

A pair of Australian sisters are teaming up to show women that they can be healthy and happy at any size.

In 2017, Alyna and Jes Rost began the Instagram account HealthySizeYou to share their health and fitness tips to help women everywhere learn to embrace their bodies.

Sisters Jes and Alyna Rost of HealthySizeYou (Image via Instagram)

The body-positive account shares each sister’s journey towards self acceptance, with former ballerina, Alyna, and former plus-size model, Jes, revealing how despite their different body shapes, each woman felt insecure and unhappy with their looks.

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“The ballet industry is an industry where weight and size are always at the forefront of people’s minds,” 34-year-old Alyna explained to the Daily Mail. “It wasn’t until I stopped dancing that I realized I was in a world where there is definitely a lot of unhealthy body images. Now, and especially after having a child, I feel a lot more positive about my body. I am strong and capable of so much.”

Image via Instagram

Like her sister, 28-year-old Jes gained body-confidence after years of being preoccupied with her shape.

Growing up, I was never the ‘skinny’ girl. I always had a butt and thighs and curves, and I never had anything around me to say that this was normal and beautiful too,” Jes said. “I love the beach and the water, but growing up I would be so worried my friends would see me in a bikini that I never wanted to get in. It wasn’t until I started plus-size modelling that I started to embrace my curves.”

The sisters decided to team up and create HealthySizeYou to show women that “healthy” isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept.

HealthySizeYou was created by Alyna, a former ballerina, and Jes Rost, a former plus-size model (Image via Instagram)

“We were part of such different worlds and had very different experiences when we were modelling and dancing that shaped our views of our bodies,” Alyna said. “We spoke about how we both had stereotypes and negative comments pushed on us about our size and ‘health.'”

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The Rost sisters are on a mission, and with more than 12,000 followers, both women know there’s an audience online that is hungry for positive content.

“Our goal is to show people that there isn’t one size and you need to love yourself,” Jes said. “We can all be so critical of ourselves – comparing ourselves to others instead of shifting our focus to the things we love. Just because you don’t have a certain body type that you see on TV and social media, it doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful.”

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