What Is Golden Corral's Steak Cut Of Choice For Its Buffet?

sirloin steak from Golden Corral
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Golden Corral's buffet is famous for its affordability and endless options, including made-to-order steak. Golden Corral's steak cut of choice for its buffet is USDA sirloin, cooked any way you like it. You can order steak at Golden Corral any day of the week after four p.m. and on Sundays after 11 a.m. (for the brunch crowd). If you never feel like cooking, you could have sirloin steak at a buffet price every night.

While sirloin may not be the best cut of steak available (there's a lot of debate about which one actually is), it's a great budget-friendly option for buffet nights.

And if you don't live near a Golden Corral, there are plenty of other restaurants that offer sirloin steaks, though few are as inexpensive as Golden Corral's buffet price. Sirloin is a popular restaurant option, and Golden Corral lets you eat all the steak you want, which is hard to beat. Just make sure to arrive at the restaurant early.

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Other Chain Restaurants That Serve Sirloin

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How does Golden Corral's sirloin selection stack up to the steaks at other casual-dining restaurant chains? Most restaurants serve sirloin as the top cut of choice, and it appears to be the most cost-effective selection on several menus, including Applebees, Outback Steakhouse, and Chili's.

The difference between all of these restaurants is the way the steak is prepared, with several restaurants offering special sauces or spices. The other difference is the size of the steak. Golden Corral's sirloin is five ounces, while Applebee's is eight ounces. But you can order endless steaks at Golden Corral and pay the buffet price.

There are other buffets across the country that have steak on the menu, too. Ponderosa Steakhouse offers a seven-ounce sirloin as part of the restaurant's buffet lineup, and Fogo de Chão has several kinds of beef available as part of its all-you-can-eat meat menu. And some smaller local restaurants also serve steak as part of a buffet lineup.

Steak Shortages Can Happen

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Even though Golden Corral locations usually have enough sirloin to go around, the fact that you can eat as much steak as you want can sometimes mean a restaurant will run out of it. That's what happened in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, in 2022. Some accounts claim that the fight occurred because there weren't enough steaks, while others claimed that it happened over an alleged line-cutting. Either way, a fight broke out at the location, and police were called.

In the end, Golden Corral is a buffet, and there's no limit to the amount of steak you can eat. But it might be a good idea to take only one steak if there aren't many left and there are hungry people behind you in line.

It's also worth noting that steak isn't served as part of the breakfast or lunch menu at Golden Corral. And it's advised that you arrive early on Friday and Saturday nights if you want to make sure there's enough steak left for everyone. The sirloin steak offered as part of the buffet is the only steak option at Golden Corral, but there are plenty of other buffet items to choose from, too.

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