'Be a good role model!': Jessica Simpson under fire yet again for outfit

Jessica Simpson can’t catch a break.

The singer and fashion designer is getting heat online for her most recent Instagram posts that feature some interesting looks.

Thirty seven-year-old Simpson recently posted a photo to Instagram that featured a silk teddy, newsboy cap and Gucci blazer with the caption “Day to Night #Gucci”

Image via Instagram

While diehard fans of J-Simp (that’s a thing, right?) flocked to the comments section to declare their love for her look, however many were quick to compare her to Julia Roberts’s character in “Pretty Woman.”

So, basically they said she looked like a prostitute.

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“Julia Roberts wants her outfit back!!” one follower commented. “Hold old are we?” commented another.

The hits just kept on coming with someone saying the star was “begging to be relevant.”

Earlier this week, Simpson shared another photo to Instagram with the tongue and cheek caption “Business Casual.”

Image via Instagram

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Keyboard stylists came after Simpson, begging her to show a better example to her two children, 5-year-old daughter Max, and 4-year-old son, Ace.

“I wish you would draw your good from the inside and you will be great on outside [sic] without putting it out like you are single. Be a role model for your daughter…it’s time to find a new look for you. Your son and daughter are watching your every move,” wrote one commenter. “Make it good ones.”

Perhaps this just one phase of the Jessica Simpson style evolution. From Daisy Dukes to lingerie — the possibilities are endless when you have limitless resources and a successful department store clothing brand.

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