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A sprinkle here, a pinch there - before you know it, you're drowning in sugar. Americans take in about 22 teaspoons per day - not just from stirring it into coffee, but also from surprising sources like salad dressings and pasta sauces. All of it can leave you feeling tired and moody, and too much is even linked to heart disease and diabetes.

Women should aim for no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar (1 teaspoon equals 4 grams of sugar) per day, according to the American Heart Association. Struggling to control your cravings? The best way to retrain your brain: For five days, say "No, thanks" to sugar in any of its forms, including foods with honey, agave, maple syrup (and other syrups like corn syrup), evaporated cane juice, fructose, and molasses.

On day six, you can bring back sugar, but in a more thoughtful way. To stay on track, try these five tips.

This 5-Day Sugar Detox Diet Will Help You Curb Your Cravings for Good

Goodbye, sweeteners! Hello, more energy and less stress.

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