Google fixes Pixel 6 bug that randomly dialed your contacts

·Weekend Editor
·1 min read

Google just fixed one of the Pixel 6's more irksome bugs — at least, for people in your address book. As Android Police reports, the company has issued a patch for a Google app flaw that randomly auto-dialed people in your contacts. That was more than a little irritating, particularly if your phone tried to call a family member in the wee hours of the night.

The issue stems from flawed Google Assistant hotword detection. You could clear the Google app's cache and settings to temporarily solve the issue, but the only surefire solution until now was to disable hotword recognition entirely.

This certainly isn't the only Pixel 6 hiccup. Owners of the Android 12 flagship have complained of display flickering, slow fingerprint detection and other nuisances. However, it's safe to presume a bug like this would take high priority given the potential fallout from unwanted calls.

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